Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Brian Sewell and Anglo-Saxon York

Tuesday 18 June and Day 6 of the Festival of Ideas.  We had a fantastic talk by Brian Sewell last night, with a full house and some excellent feedback from people who came to hear him speak. 

Ailsa Mainman from York Archaeological Trust gave a talk in Jorvik on Anglo-Saxon York, which was very well-received. 
Brian Sewell before his talk at the Ron Cooke Hub

"One of the reasons I am an academic failure is because I am interested in too much" -

"We would learn so much more about art if we knew more about the lives of painters"

Ailsa Mainman from YAT giving her talk 'York's awkward Angles'
Ailsa's talk on Anglo-Saxon York
Today we have TV historian Michael Wood with 'King of all Britain: New light on King Athelstan' - although the talk is showing as sold out, we do always have a number of spare seats that are available for people who turn up on spec. Or if that one doesn't appeal, why not come to hear about 'How Lloyd George solved the Irish problem', or even a lecture on the legend of highwayman Dick Turpin!

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