Saturday, 15 June 2013

Friday 14 June - lots of events, but we survived!

Friday saw one of the busiest of Festival of Ideas days - with nine events during the day. With a theme day of  'Economics, entrepreneurship and equality' - in partnership with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, we featured business leaders, policy experts, economists and journalists, with speakers such as Danny Dorling, Julia Unwin, Kate Pickett, Zoe Williams, David Goodhart, Harriet Sergeant, Lord Sainsbury and many others.

Other events included a talk about the history of the York Helmet at the Yorkshire Museum by Dr Sonia O'Connor and a light-hearted view of the many issues concerned with predicting climate change by Chris Budd.

Prof Danny Dorling - North - South: From divide to chasm
The audience enjoyed Danny Dorling's talk! 
The York Helmet - at the Yorkshire Museum 
Dr Sonia O'Connor gives a talk on the history of the York Helmet
Paul Johnson (IFS) and Harriet Sergeant during the debate 'Skivers vs Strivers' 
Zoe Williams (Guardian) and David Goodhart (Prospect magazine)  debating the welfare state
The 'Skivers vs Strivers' panel - a very lively debate!  
Lord Sainsbury talks about 'Progressive capitalism'
Today we have New Writers Day at the Ron Cooke Hub, a fabulous exhibition focusing on what Year 12 pupils at Huntington School think about proposed education reforms and the Festival Fringe afternoon - an afternoon of fun activities for children and their parents. We also have author of Puffin Peter, Petr Horacek at Acomb Library and a talk at the Yorkshire Museum about conservation of their natural science collections.

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